To enable Warhammer players across the UK to compete in a fun and relaxed environment by hosting well organised and affordable tournament events. We will bring ITC & UKTC registered RTT and GT events to a space near you. If you would like to see us in your area then click below and send us a message!

  • Elliot (ET)

  • Joe (Spud)

"I first found my love for warhammer back when I was only 12 years old. I stumbled upon fantasys Skaven army in a games shop in Whitby and my mum bought me it a box of clanrats and the army book to take home with me. After that I found out about Games Workshop in Wakefield, which was one of the biggest warhammer shops in the UK at the time. From there I fell in love with the hobby, and the community. I still know people now who I met all them years ago in Games Workshop. Even as young as I was, the competitive side in me came out, and I loved nothing more than taking my army down for a battle. From fantasy I went on to expand my games by starting Tyranids for 40K. I was at the shop every weekend right up to the age of about 16.

I drifted away from the hobby when I went to college. That’s where I met Elliot. After both of us settled down in our late 20s, we decided to get back into the hobby. I bought a tau army and would play Elliot’s space marines week after week. Then covid hit, and the hobbying cooled again. After covid, I decided to get back down to my local gaming club, and it’s been an absolute whirlwind since then! It wasn’t long before I was named chairman of my local gaming club, and started running events to help them raise some cash. Me and Elliot enjoyed running the events so much, and were really starting to enjoy the competitive side of 40K, so we decided to create Carnage. We did a couple of practice events in 2022, and in March 2023 we had our first official event as Carnage. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, we now do two events per month, and have amassed a total of 24 players that play as Team Carnage at 40K events all over the UK, one of them being a lad I met all them years ago at Games Workshop with my Skaven army!

I couldn’t be more grateful, excited and motivated for Carnage and what the future holds, not only for our events, but for our team and what it can achieve."

- Joe Senior - TO


    We have been playing 40k Competitively for years. We regularly attend events and are Vanguard Tactics trained. There's not a great deal we don't know about the rules!


    All terrain layouts match UKTC tournament layouts, so you can be sure they're optimised for each mission and what you would expect to find at a Super-Major.


    Your scores will be uploaded to ITC immediately following an event so you can see where you place and you will also be added to the Carnage Rankings so you can see where you rank at our events and so you can battle for the coveted LORD OF CARNAGE title!


    Keeping your brain fuelled is half the battle, so we keep you hydrated and caffeinated for free!


    Collect your stamps to grab free tickets and dice!


    For those mid-event grizzly repairs! plus a wide range of other amenities including tuck shop, gaming aid spares, score sheets & layouts per table, you'll never go short!


Let us introduce TEAM CARNAGE, where passion and sportsmanship meet to create an unforgettable gaming experience! Our team is made up of dedicated players who strive for excellence in every match. We have players at all skill levels, and we're always looking to improve our game.

But it's not just about winning for us - we're all about sharing knowledge, tactics, and skills with each other. We play together as often as we can, and we're always looking for new members to join us on our journey.

Our ultimate goal is to become a major player on the world Warhammer stage, and we're committed to doing it with skill, inclusion, sportsmanship, and most importantly, fun! So if you're looking for a team that's passionate, competitive, and welcoming, look no further than Team Carnage. Join us today and let's conquer the gaming world together!

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    Adam Owens

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    Callum Bunker

    Chris Cuerden

    Craig Bedford

    Dave Walker

    Elliot Trim

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    Joe Senior

    Jonathan Bowyer

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    Leon Ruthven

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